Hurray! We are


years old now...

This is a proud moment and calls for celebration

We started really small as a bedroom startup in 2011. I had converted my room into a small office. The most important possession was our Macbook Pros, iPod Touch and a wired phone since both of us were Mac and iOS engineers.

Since then we kept growing organically and exponentially in terms of revenue and size, year on year, from an iOS development company to a full fledged creative engineering company. We are privileged to work with few of the most amazing clients, technologies and team members. I am proud of what we achieved as a team. Everyone works very hard. Everyone is passionate about what they do. Everyone has hunger for knowledge and are always pushing boundaries. These are fantastic habits! Contribution from each person in our team has been impeccable. Thank you team!

I also like to thank each and every client of ours, people who supported us in this growth journey. We will continuously work on improving our customer expereince and add value to your business. Thank you from all of us at CodeCraft Mangalore and CodeCraft Bengaluru